A Stranger in My Home

Your house should be a place where we feel most comfortable, but to someone who wants to pose a threat, there's no better way to get inside your life than to get inside your home. Let the ...

Genre: Drama

Country: Canada

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 7.7

Season 3 - A Stranger in My Home
"Almost 50-year-old Brian Geddes invites 22-year-old Jordan Shaver into his home, but she decides to start a new life with someone else. And when Brian becomes MIA, his home reveals chaos, drugs, a gun, and a bloody secret. devastating all involved."
"When Brandy Stevens-Rosine and Jade Olmstead meet online in 2010, the pairing quickly catches fire. But when the fire dies, and a strange girl moves in, jealousy, murder, and mayhem ensue - all carefully captured in horrifically intimate diaries."
"An old man collapses in his bathroom, gasping for air. The caregiver tries to save him while her son calls for help in vain. This \"accident\" isn't what it seems, though. and the true story reveals murder."
"Aspen socialite Nancy Pfister has it all, including close friends and even closer enemies. When new tenants move into her chalet, jealously, unpaid rent, and simmering resentments leave one dead and the others locked in a bloody, silent conspiracy."
"Clifford Lambert is missing. The Palm Springs socialite has been living happily in his lavishly decorated house for years. But after looking for love, the lonely art dealer instead finds a vicious nest of thieves, con artists, and murderers."
"Police are baffled when a mysterious burn pile at the side of a farmhouse reveals charred human remains. The bingo-loving homeowner is missing, and so too is his live-in help and her boyfriend. What turned this happy farmstead into a place of horror?"
"When a Brooklyn co-op owner, his friendly handyman, and a greedy real estate owner fight over money and possible tenants, one person goes missing and another gets away with murder. For years. Until a lucky break finally sends one to the slammer."
"A lonely ex-military man meets up with a much younger beautiful woman, and together they fall in love. Or so they think. Until a deadly combination of greed, worry, and secrets leaves one dead and the other on the run. wanted for murder."
"Two bodies are found in a dumpster, mangled and bloody. With only tattoos to identify them, police desperately hunt for their names - and their two housemates. Could they be victims of foul play too? Or is this something more sinister?"
"Housemates Jenny, Jake, and Steve share everything, including each other's beds. But when one is brutally attacked, police uncover a nest of lies, jealousy, and betrayal. This leads them to ask: was it really an intruder. or was it an inside job?"