Naked and Afraid XL

A group of amateur survivalists are put to the ultimate test in the wild for 40 days with nothing but a few primitive tools. No food. No clothing. No water. They must hunt and gather whatever they need until extraction day.

Genre: Reality

Country: USA

Duration: 42 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 7.4

Season 1 - Naked and Afraid XL
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"Veteran survivalists are dropped into the badlands of Colombia, where they must survive for 40 days and nights with no food, water or clothes."
"After being dropped into the badlands of Columbia, one survivalist taps out, while hunger, thirst and distrust threaten to eliminate others."
"Day 14 of the competition. Some of the team split off to find new resources while tensions rise amongst those remaining at the campsite."
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Season 2 - Naked and Afraid XL
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"12 Naked and Afraid veterans begin their 40 day and 40 night challenge in the sun-scorched bush of South Africa during the middle of a drought and alongside deadly predators."
"On the drought-stricken plains of South Africa, a lack of water leads one group to venture off to find others and another group goes hunting for big game."
"Only two weeks in and South Africa is already taking a huge toll on our survivalists, mentally and physically. Frustrations between survivalists explode, deadly leopards circle, and cases of tick-bite fever threaten to take some out of the challenge."
"The Survivalists approach the halfway point of their brutal challenge. With starvation & sickness worse than ever they must come together to help one another, but the battle for Alpha Male distracts them from their strategy and may be their downfall."
"Steven fails to return with Darrin from their two-day hunting expedition, leaving the group with no choice but to break camp in a desperate search for answers."
"Ryan encounters a wild animal while he's defenseless and without the help of the group."
"In a 24-hour period, the contaminated fruit of a single tree sets off a shocking chain of events. As panic and illness spread through the group it's questionable whether anyone will make it to Day 40."
"As deadly predators begin to close in on the remaining survivalists, they must find the energy to secure food and start their long journey to extraction."
Season 3 - Naked and Afraid XL
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"Nine Naked and Afraid veterans attempt to survive the deadly jungles of Ecuador\u2019s Amazon Basin for 40 days and 40 nights. To make it out alive, they\u2019ll have to master the environment, push the limits of human endurance."
"The seven remaining survivalists enter the second week of their 40-day challenge in the bug-infested Amazon Jungle."
"Lacey's night-fishing plan yields a boost in strength and team morale. Lack of food and sleep at Camp Laguna Negra makes Shannon spiral downward. Matt and Russell take to the water and score another huge protein win."
"While mourning the loss of their chief provider, the remaining five survivalists learn they are not alone in the jungles of the Amazon and are given an opportunity to join forces with others."
"Days after the arrival of a new team member, division among the remaining six survivalists deepens as Russell leads the men on a risky two-day hunting expedition."
"Four weeks into the brutal 40-day Amazon challenge, a violent two-day storm descends on the jungle. Before it's over, one more survivalist will be gone... leaving another hanging by a tenuous thread."
"The remaining survivalists struggle to regroup in time for a brutal two-day, 15-mile water extraction journey."
"The ten survivalists reunite for the first time since leaving the Amazon and offer unique insight into the highs and lows of their 40-day challenge through round-table discussion, interviews and never-before-seen footage."
"A group of the best survival experts in the world take on an un-survivable situation: 40 days. 40 nights. No food, water or clothes. To survive they'll need to master the environment, pushing far beyond the breaking point. Will even one be able to finish?"
Season 4 - Naked and Afraid XL
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"Stalked by lions, hyenas and aggressive crocodiles, 13 all-star survivalists try to survive for 40 days in Africa's sun-scorched Selati Basin. Resources are scarce and when one group scavenges meat, hungry predators stalk their camp."
"An attack by a venomous predator puts one of the survivalists at risk just three days into the challenge. With food scarce, the other competitors hunt warthogs and impalas but as they track their prey, the survivalists are also being stalked."
"One survivalist takes a huge risk and enters a leopard kill zone to secure a big kill for his team. A massive storm unleashes torrential rains on each camp and the temperature plummets nearly 40 degrees."
"Freezing rainstorms torture the remaining survivalists, risking severe hypothermia, and a successful hunt ends up backfiring and could cost two survivalists the challenge."
"One camp throws themselves into the lion's den to hunt for big game, while the other camp bands together for a group hunt and ends up finding a dangerous and unexpected food source."
"A devastating injury and a vicious storm that destroys the survivalists' food supply threatens to tear apart the newly merged camp."
"XL All-Star Matt Wright seeks redemption as he takes on the brutal challenges of surviving Africa by himself. After more than 20 days alone, Matt begins a search for the other XL survivalists."
"Survivalists embark on several dangerous hunts to secure protein and prepare for their arduous extraction on the horizon."
"Brutal injuries and life-threatening illnesses end the 40-day challenge early for even the most elite survivalists. Through unseen footage and interviews, the survivalists offer insight and perspective on the most memorable moments when it all went wrong."
"In an epic two-hour event, the weak, divided group gets a much-needed victory when the hunters score a kill. To finish the challenge, the survivalists must complete a brutal extraction across deadly killing fields of lions, crocodiles and leopards."
Season 5 - Naked and Afraid XL
"12 elite survivalists enter an unprecedented 40-day XL challenge. In the ocean off the coast of the Philippines, they must survive a shark-infested ocean and then face the dense Philippine jungle crawling with deadly snakes and monitor lizards."
"12 elite survivalists are dropped into the brutal South China Sea where they must survive 40 days on land and sea. Plus, 2 All-Star survivalists enter the same challenge looking to survive not just 40 but an unprecedented 60 days."
"Ambushed by tropical storms, the survivalists are pounded by torrential rain and heavy surf; survivalists are stalked by sharks after taking to the open seas; one survivalist reaches his or her breaking point due to the storms and lack of food."
"Since the open sea is too dangerous to navigate, survivalists trek through a jungle filled with venomous centipedes, vipers and monitor lizards."
"A survivalist on a hunting expedition is bitten by a snake and requires an emergency medical evacuation; tensions arise between teams as hunting grounds get territorial; one group scores protein while their neighbors are on the brink of starvation."
"A grueling five-mile hike into the snake-filled jungles of the Palawan island tests the three remaining teams of survivalists; the one-day journey turns into two days of chaos, and one survivalist must be medically evacuated from the challenge."
"The group is devastated when two critical survivalists leave the challenge; with just 10 days left before extraction, Jeff is forced to change his survival strategy, but a medical emergency puts him on the verge of a tap out."
"With just 10 days left before extraction, Jeff is forced to change his survival strategy but a medical emergency quickly has him on the brink of a tap out."
"Season finale. Medics closely monitor Jeff's high fever and prepare his evacuation. The others scramble for a 5-mile extraction journey through shark-infested waters. A survivalist pushes too hard leading to a medical emergency on the open sea."
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Season 6 - Naked and Afraid XL
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Season 7 - Naked and Afraid XL
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